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Version: 5.01

Introduction to the demonstration database

Date changed/reviewed: 10 February 2015.

Database reference: 1315

You are reading a page from the demonstration Local Information System.

The demonstration is a live copy of the system hosted by our Internet ServiceProvider: 1&1.

The database is an extract from an old copy of the Epsom & Ewell database. It should not - of course - be used as a reliable source of information.

Here are some sample searches that will allow you to see some results from the database:

Click this link to see a document that demonstrates many of the features of the Local Information System. You can read more about the system by clicking the Help button in the left hand pane.

In the left hand pane you can see two buttons called 'Introduction' and 'Maintenance pages'. These are soft keys that you can use for your own purposes or you can remove them if you don't need them. Click 'Maintenance pages' to see a list of pages used by maintenance users.

You can always return to this document by clicking the 'Introduction' soft key.

You are reading this from a web page. This version of the Local Information System can be hosted inside your network (using standard Windows software) or at a publicly-available web site like this one. This site is available to everyone, but you might want to restrict access to your advisers. That's supported by the system. Click this link to see a secure version of the system.

If you got to this page without logging on, you are seeing the site in its read-only form.  To see the features that allow you to change entries you must log in with an id and password that gives you the authority to make changes.  Click the 'Log in' buton in the panel to the left to find out how to do that.