Sample web sites

The following sections describe a few of the web sites we have helped develop.

Run by volunteers without specific IT expertise

They have all been designed to be operated and run by volunteers without specific IT expertise.

We are not graphical designers, however. In each case we have based the design on a template or previous web site.

Portsmouth CTC

A responsive web site used to run this cycling club based in the Portsmouth area. It has a members' area that provides a number of sophisticated features.

The UK Postpartum Psychosis Network

We redeveloped this web site so that it could more easily be developed and maintained by volunteers without specific IT expertise - and at a lower cost.

Hayling Island U3A

A responsive web site that lets members and the public know what's going on. A sophisticated access management system secures the members' area and allows individual group leaders to manage their own sub-sites and memberships. They can also delegate editorial tasks to other members. Although not visible to the public, the site includes the U3A's membership and subscriptions database.

Cycle Hayling

A responsive web site that supports the cycle campaigning work of this organisation.

Hayling Cycle Ride

Again, we redeveloped an existing web site to reduce costs by allowing volunteers without specific IT expertise to run the site. We also introduced improved technology and implemented a responsive site design.

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