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The Local information system was developed by Constructive IT Advice Limited (CITA) which owns the copyright to the software.

All CAB bureaux are invited to use the Local Information System for free...

All CAB bureaux are invited to use the Local Information System for free provided they agree to:

  1. Show a brief attribution to CITA in the browser pane of the local information screen when the program is run.
  2. Let CITA know if they pass the system on to anyone else.
  3. Ensure that anyone else using the system is also required to show the attribution screen and is required to let CITA know if they pass the system to anyone else.

For our part we undertake that:

  1. The system is free of all known bugs.
  2. We will take reasonable steps to correct any bugs reported to us.
  3. The software contains no spyware or adware. There are no hidden activities. Nor is there a professional version. You get the full version for free and without any hindrance or restriction.

If you got an email notification of a new version of the Local Information System, the email contains a link that gives you everything you need to install the new version. If you complete this form, we'll give you the same link.

To obtain a copy of the software, please specify the following details:

Your name:

Which organisation do you represent?
We developed the system originally for Citizens Advice Bureaux but we are also happy to provide it to other organisations with similar aims and objectives.

Please provide an Email address. This is to allow us to: send you software updates; contact you with news of system developments; and get back to you if there is a problem with your request. We undertake not to use the address for any other purpose:

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We've put a copy of the Local Information System online for you to play with. There's nothing to install, it's just another web site.
Constructive IT Advice
CITA is a small company providing advice and development services to a wide range of companies. We are not connected with Citizens Advice (CitA). The use of initials is coincidental. In our defence, we started using them first!
Some software comes with code that monitors what you do and passes the information back to the software provider so they can sell it to marketing companies. Other forms of spyware are more malicious; for example, they can scan keys as you type looking for ids and passwords.
Some software is provided as a vehicle for advertising. You can't use it without seeing adverts provided by the software author.
Professional version
Some software is provided in two versions: a free, restricted version and a full 'professional' version that you have to pay for