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The intranet version of the Local Information System

The intranet version allows people to access the Local Information System through a web browser.

People can use any device provided it has access to the system

The intranet version replicates virtually all the features of the desktop version. The help page in the online demonstration lists all the differences.

We provide everything you need to set up the intranet version on the installation media. The technology we use means you do not need to buy any software except Windows.

There are several benefits to the intranet version over the desktop one:

You can place the intranet version on the internet. That will incur a hosting fee unless you can use an existing hosting arrangement - typically up to �5 per month. There are several benefits to placing the system on the internet:

You might want to protect access to your local information. There is therefore an option to require users to provide a user id and password before they get access.

Provided you are happy to share ids and passwords with us during the set up period, we can help you install the system on the internet. We can also help you choose a suitable hosting company. There's no charge for this service.

Increasingly, CABx are getting together to form multi-site bureaux. They are also forming partnerships with other advisory organisations. The intranet version comes with features designed to help you build databases shared by different groups of people - and even the public. You can see some of these features in the demonstration system. You can try the system for yourself right now.

We also provide a set of tools to help you manage the system and to integrate the desktop and intranet versions.

Get your free copy of the Local Information System.

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