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Free installation service

Nothing to install on your PCs

You benefit from placing your Local Information System on the internet in several ways:

Your only cost is the hosting company charge; typically £0 to £5 per month

Unfortunately, we can't provide detailed instructions for installing the system on the web because each hosting company has a different way of doing things. So, although the set-up process isn't difficult, it does require some IT expertise.

To address that issue, we offer to set up your Local Information System on the internet for free. Margaret and I regard ourselves as CAB volunteers without a bureau. If you are concerned about us, we're happy to provide references from several bureaux we've already helped. We have nothing to gain from helping you - you can rely on us for impartial advice.

You'll have to:

We do the rest!

If we're able to use an existing hosting arrangement, there is no cost to you. Otherwise you will incur a monthly charge from your chosen hosting company. Worst case - creating a new site from scratch - will cost you around £5 per month.

If you haven't already done so, try out the online demonstration to see how the Local Information System could work for you. Then, let us know if you have questions or if you'd like to get going.

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